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The Difference Between Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Recruiters and hiring managers are both charged with talent (employee) sourcing for the company, and have these functions in common.

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Do you have a Skype interview coming up? Here are 10 tips to prepare

“Job interviews are like first dates”, its what I tell my clients all the time! Don’t badmouth your Ex or focus on negatives on a first date or an interview!

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Skype Interview

Employers are using Skype interviews to save time and money of transporting candidates.  Some employers are using the Skype interview as a screening tool, similar to the phone screen, with the added advantage of face to face communication.  In some ways, preparing for the Skype interview are similar to preparing for the phone and in person interview, such as doing research and preparing your thoughts to common interview questions.  The differences of a Skype interview to a phone interview is the face to face time you will get with an employer and your ability to read body language.

Here are some tips to prepare:

  1. Keep your profile professional – Make sure your profile picture of Skype is appropriate.  The picture you use to communicate with your college buddies may not be the picture you want your future employer to see.
  2. Practice Skype before the interview – Practices with a…

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3 reasons why interviewers ask: What is your biggest weakness? 2 ways to answer | Career Advice and Other Musings

I have yet to find anyone who likes to answer this question in an interview.  However, most managers still ask it…even those who hate to answer it themselves.  Fortunately, it seems that fewe…

Source: 3 reasons why interviewers ask: What is your biggest weakness? 2 ways to answer | Career Advice and Other Musings