Asking for accommodations on the job, videos

Accommodation conversations in the work place

This is a police officer with epilepsy, he’s a little difficult to understand.

A young man with seizures, also hard to understand

woman working at a call center



SF Free School -San Francisco Meetups For Learning New Skills

SF Free School is a consistently updated website for meetups around San Francisco for a wide ranging of skills: tech talks, business, writing, socializing, and more!

SF Free School

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Throughout the week the SF Free School offers free classes to anyone and everyone who wants to learn, have fun and meet new people. Classes we’ve offered have been in music an…

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TechSF Orientation and Tech Resource Briefing

Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017, 10:00 AM
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Who Benefits from the New Overtime Rule

Today, the Department of Labor issued a new rule that updates the regulations determining which white-collar, salaried employees are entitled to the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage and over…

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How to Choose an On-the-Job Mentor Who Is Right for You

How to Choose an On-the-Job Mentor Who Is Right for You

Having the guidance and support of a mentor can really boost your career prospects, regardless of your level of experience. You can gain valuable insight into a particular company or field that would otherwise take you months or years to learn on your own. There are mentorship programs across the country that students and recent graduates can get involved in, and even programs specifically for people with disabilities. But anyone can build a mentoring relationship with peers, whose careers or experience you admire. Here are some factors to keep in mind, when you’re searching for a mentor that’s right for you.